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Are you looking to increase the number of people in your store?  Do you need a source of income that’s easy to capture and easy to manage? Uniform Nations’ retail program is designed to do exactly that. 

At Uniform Nations, we get thousands of calls a month for people and businesses that need to buy retail scrubs or uniforms. Although our business does not sell or deal with retail scrubs, we would like to be able to tell these customers where to go.  We would love to send them to you free of charge.

Our goal is simple- we want to:

  • Provide better service for Uniform Nations’ customers.
  • Give customers that want to buy retail scrubs/uniforms somewhere to go
  • Create a solution for an immediate need
  • Increase foot traffic, and drive revenue and potential customers to your retail location

Why Choose Uniform Nations

We’re good at what we do. We connect businesses to local contractors that can help them with their ongoing uniform, linen, laundry, and rental needs.

Our retail members give us the ability to send these folks to a retail scrub/uniform store – and you reap the benefits.

Becoming a Retail Provider for Shred Nations takes four things:

  • You must sell scrubs and/or uniforms in a retail setting.
  • You must be willing to collect Google and/or Bing postcard to verify your location
  • Once you get the postcards, you need to provide the corresponding pin numbers so we can add you to our network
  • When you’re on the network, we need you to be willing to accept retail customers.

Once you’re verified and on our website, inquiries and customers in your area will know you offer this service and we’ll send them your way.  This service has no cost associated with it– except the fact that you’re listed on our site as a Uniform Nations Location.  The best part is you get income out of the deal too!

Let Uniform Nations Bring Customers to Your Doorstep

Does Uniform Nations’ retail program sound like a good fit for your location?  Give our specialists a call at (303) 962-5580 or just fill out the form below!

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