How does Uniform Nations work?

Uniform Nations provides marketing for uniform services. We receive leads from businesses looking to solve an immediate need, and then we evaluate the request for authenticity and size. Once verified, local providers are sent the customer information.

What makes the uniform industry unique?

Uniforms are a “sticky” business. Once  you’ve earned a customers trust, it is difficult for a competitor to steal their business away from you.

Using contracts makes losing an account even more difficult.

Also when you acquire a new customer, you become the beneficiary of organic profit growth. Organic profit growth comes from:

  • Growth of the customer’s business
  • Convenience drives a natural growth in number of uniforms
  • Pricing opportunities over the business relationship enhance revenue
  • Cost reductions result from increased “route density”
  • New services enhance the revenue potential per customer

In addition, when you communicate frequently with a new customer and deliver the level of service the customer requests you can be the beneficiary of referrals.

What is the value of a new customer?

Because a new customer tends to be loyal and tends to grow organically, the concept of the lifetime value of a customer is operative.

Uniform Nations uses eight years at the current profit contribution as a conservative estimate of lifetime value. (There’s a probability of loss and a certainty of organic profit growth but using concept of present value diminishes the true profit earned).

What impact will using “the sales method” have on my business?

Every month 1,000 to 1,500 referrals are qualified as “good business” for our uniforms service providers. On an area-by-area basis the number of referrals vary.

These referrals represent “one time business” and “continuing business” with weekly or monthly ongoing service needs. Our network of service providers has learned that almost all of this business can be upgraded after “trust” has been established.

Many of our clients have eliminated salespeople or substituted inside sales clerks at less expense. The reasons for this are simple — the initial needs of the customer are typically very clear and the customer committed to make a decision by filling out a request form. Many of the tough obstacles to a sale have been resolved.

Every growing business needs to be concerned about growing as efficiently as possible.

Is there a lower cost way to grow a business than Uniform Nations marketing?

Yes, it’s better when your customers become advocates for your business and they begin to sell others on doing business with you. However, beyond referrals, the sales method is far more cost effective than direct mail, telemarketing, or any media advertising.

The savings are from the customer has decided that there’s a need for uniforms, has specified the type of service that is needed and has decided to act. Your job is to close the sale.

How many referrals will I receive?

That depends on what services you offer and, more importantly, your service area.

How many contractors receive each lead?

Uniform Nations limits the number of contractors who receive a referral to four but average far less.

How much does a referral cost?

Costs are based on area and the size of the lead. Please call for pricing in your market area.

When will I be billed for the referrals?

You will be billed every Wednesday for leads sent the prior seven days. Each Friday a charge will be placed on your credit card for all referrals reported on the invoice.

How do you set up my service area?

We use unique three digit zip codes to define service areas. This is the first three digits of the zip code. This gives you the ability to get a very accurate service area.

What is your cancellation policy?

If for any reason you wish to cancel your membership simply notify us and we will discontinue sending you leads immediately. You are only responsible to pay for the referrals you received.

Do you have a referral replacement policy?

Yes, in the event you receive a lead that does not match the parameters that they have detailed in your profile, the lead can be replaced within six days and the you will not be charged. Please review our lead replacement policy.

How do I sign up?

To get started just fill out this form and we will contact you shortly to collect all your information.