hospital gownsThere’s dozens of reasons you need to go to the hospital- and a good percentage of those reasons requires your patients to use a gown.  There are several different options that you can use to ensure that your hospital meets all requirements- including patient comfort.  

Linen patient gowns are much more comfortable than the scratchy disposable gowns- and are just as thoroughly sanitized in order to keep germs and the spread of disease to a minimum.

Our network of national providers offers linen patient gowns to provide you with a sanitary and comfortable solution for all your patients.  We offer all kinds of patient gowns, including pediatric gowns, exam gowns, jumbo gowns and more!

Whether you’re looking to purchase gowns and utilize a laundry service or rent gowns from a local provider, Uniform Nations specializes in making sure that your patient gowns are delivered and picked up in a timely manner.  

Let us eliminate the headaches and worry when it comes to maintaining your patient gowns- we can streamline your program and get you started quickly and easily.

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If you are ready to outsource your patient gown program Uniform Nations can help!  We’ve built a nationwide network of providers that offer laundry services, rental and purchase for any type of patient gown.

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