Offsite Washcloth Delivery and Laundry Services

washcloth laundryWhen you have a successful hotel, there can be hundreds of people coming and going out of your facility every single day.  That can stack up to be a lot of work.

One thing that almost every visitor uses while they are at your facility is your washcloths.  Like all of your bedding and cups, these cannot be reused after someone has already used them without being washed first.

You need to make sure that everything is cleaned after each and every guest leaves.  This can be a huge task and when you already have so many other responsibilities, you may want to look into getting a washcloth laundry service for your facility.

Either way the laundry has to get done, so why not have someone else take care of it for you?

Our services can help make sure that your laundry is taken care of quickly and efficiently.  Instead of worrying about your wash cloths, let us worry about them for you. We make sure to work around your schedule as often as you need us. 

Every time we come to your location we will drop off a fresh load of wash cloths for you and take all of your old soiled ones back to our facility to wash for you.

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