uniform color psychology strategies differentWhen thinking of colors like red, green, and yellow, these colors often trigger subconscious thoughts and feelings without many people even realizing.

As with the way homes are painted and rooms are decorated, the subtle impact of color psychology also plays a significant role in how businesses select their uniform colors.

From effects on employee efficiency to impacts on customer service and purchasing, uniform color can have a wide range of uses and applications when chosen strategically.

Check out this White Paper and assortment of related articles, videos, and infographics to get the breakdown on the psychology behind uniform color selection and preference, along with in-depth details uniform service for multiple industries and more:


The Psychology Behind Uniform Color: Sending Subliminal Company Messages

While the average person may not realize the associations between colors and the way people think and feel, savvy business owners are capitalizing on color psychology with their uniform service to better attract customers and reinforce brand images.  

Throughout this in-depth white paper, we take a closer look at the part uniform color psychology plays in business—outlining how color can benefit both employee efficiency and customer interactions in order to help owners select the right uniform color strategy for their business.

Supplementary Materials

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The Psychology of Colors in Uniforms

Colors influence your customer’s and employee’s behaviors, making it imperative to choose the right color for your business. This infographic explains the feelings and emotions each color gives off to help you in your decision. To learn all you need to know about the psychology of colors in uniforms click here!

Uniform Functionality vs Psychology: Trying to Find a Balance

Uniform color has a variety of applications in business, ranging from improving employee and workplace efficiency, to creating a comfortable customer experience. Here, we take a closer look at how hospitals, restaurants, and hotels can use color with their uniform service to benefit their business.

Aligning your Employees Uniform with Your Brand

The colors you choose for your employee’s uniforms have a big impact on your company’s brand due to the emotional response colors inflict. Uniform colors therefore, should be chosen to help identify your brand as well as be functional for the specific work environment that the employees are in.

Psychology of Colors in the Workplace: Why Chefs Wear White Uniforms

Explore the power of colors in the workplace. Choosing the right colors for your uniforms can affect the public perception of your brand’s identity and also influence your employee’s culture.

Using the Appropriate Colors for Your Business

It has been scientifically proven that certain colors tend to evoke a specific reaction or emotion. Your company can use this as a tool to your advantage by choosing the right colors to illustrate your brand’s identity. 

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Humans have subconscious responses to colors throughout the spectrum, and for savvy business owners there are new opportunities to capitalize with uniform color strategies that create the ideal customer experience. At Uniform Nations, we provide a reliable uniform service with a range of color options, as well as a range of helpful guides and related information for sculpting uniform color to suit your needs.

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