industrial washing machines in house cleaning laundryFor any industry which regularly uses linens and uniforms, managing laundry for these materials is just another necessary aspect to plan for. 

While traditional methods like in-house or on-premise laundry (OPL) are still used by some companies, other businesses today are also electing for alternative laundry strategies and instead choosing to hire external laundry service providers.

Check out this White-Paper for guidance on finding and selecting the ideal service to suit your needs as well as more in-depth details on top laundry services:


Outsourcing Laundry or On-Premise: Which Will You Choose?

Considering the need for laundry services in industries dealing with uniforms or linens, the question for managers and executives isn’t just how best to manage laundry—but how to manage most efficiently. 

Throughout this in-depth white paper, we break down the top laundry services today, providing top factors for businesses to consider while planning or revising laundry management systems.

Supplementary Materials

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In the past, strict sanitation standards and a complicated laundering process kept healthcare providers from taking advantage of commercial laundry services, but thanks to the Healthcare Laundries Accreditation Council (HLAC), medical facilities can now reliably outsource their laundry needs. Get the breakdown on HLAC here.  

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