Psychology of Colors in the Workplace: Why Chefs Wear White Uniforms

It is no secret that different colors can evoke particular emotions and reactions from the viewer. This psychology has been evident from the use of colors to portray emotions in cartoons and movies to the way we speak.

Commonly used phrases like, “red with rage” and “green with envy” are prime examples of a specific color’s relationship to certain emotions.

Marketers understand a color’s ability to trigger certain feelings and use this to their advantage. Seeing the color alone is not a strong enough signal to the brain to induce an action, however, choosing the right colors to match a brand’s identity can certainly help nudge the consumer’s thought-process in the desired direction.

Watch These Colors At Work

Through testing, surveys, and controlled experiments, scientists and marketers have been able to determine the influencing potential of certain colors.

Here are some of the more popular colors and their associations:

Uniform Nations ColorsRed

Associated with urgency and even increases appetite due to its association with aggression, which may have a stimulatory effect on the viewer.


Green is often times associated with tranquility, health, and nature. The use of green tends to bring about a calming and trusting effect.


The use of black can symbolize authority, stability, and power.


The color white tends to bring about feelings relating to purity, cleanliness, and safety. We’ll further analyze below the use of white in chef’s uniforms and the psychological effects that it can have.

The Chef’s White Uniform: A Case Study

A traditional chef’s uniform will consist of a sparkling white jacket with a matching, white hat.

From the times before marketers and scientists conducted studies on the psychology of colors, chefs had always worn white uniforms.

Uniform Nations ChefWhy is that?

Since the beginning of time, it makes logical sense that white represents purity and cleanliness. It is absence of all any colors and can any discolorations or marks can be easily detected.

It also follows that a professional who is entrusted with the handling and preparation of your food is also portrayed with a sense of cleanliness.

White uniforms also entails a faith in the cleanliness of the chef because of white’s inability to hide marks. Black cloth may be better at masking a dirty uniform, but can also be conceived as deceitful and untrustworthy.

It is important to note that not all chefs wear white uniforms. Many resort to a black or even red uniform to stand out from their sous chefs in a bustling kitchen.

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