Psychology of Colors in Uniforms

Colors influence human behavior in ways you would have never imagined. Even when you don’t think a color is manipulating your judgment, your subconscious is taken over by the hues of different objects, altering your perception and emotions.

Since you may be giving off impressions you weren’t aware of, a lot of thinking must go into the choosing of a uniform color. By understanding the feelings each color exudes, you will be able to determine which color uniform is best for your brand.

Feelings of Colors

Listed below is an infographic on the psychology of colors in uniforms. This explains the feelings and emotions different uniform colors give off:

Psychology of Colors in Uniforms

Industries must decide what feelings they want to emanate. McDonald’s, for example, uses yellow and red to give off excitement and happiness, as their brand portrays those values within its advertising.

Recycling companies, on the other hand, typically stick with greens and blues – colors that represent nature, growth, and tranquility.

And what is your first thought when you walk into a doctor’s offices? The white décor and lab coats give off feelings of cleanliness and sanitization. It also radiates peacefulness, which is welcoming when you are sick.

Now imagine walking into a doctor’s office with red walls and doctors in black lab coats. Immediately you would find yourself intimidated, having negative feelings about the place right from the start.

As each color represents very distinctive traits, it is imperative you choose the color best suitable for your business’ image. Consider putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and how you would want to feel when you walk into a business. From there, choosing a uniform color is easy.

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