The Psychology of Colors in the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, colors are a powerful marketing tool. They can evoke emotion and unconscious decisions without our realization. Colors are a part of what makes the rest of your uniforms strategy so powerful.

When trying to market a service, choosing the right colors for your employees to wear, your linens to be, or your decor to be focused on can be the difference between making a sale or not.

But what do colors mean in the hospitality industry?

What Colors Mean in the Hospitality Industry

According to Simexa, colors can unconsciously affect the mood and state of mind of your customers. Below outlines the research they compiled on how colors affect others in the hospitality industry.

yellowYellow– Yellow is often a hard color for the human eye to process, but when it does, it promotes happiness and is associated with warmth and optimism. Yellow can also increase the metabolism and give energy, making it a great color scheme to work off of in the restaurant business. It can also be a smart color to use in breakfast areas of a hotel.


blueBlue – Blue is the color of calm and serenity. Studies show that blue helps lower blood pressure and heart rate, it is also the most productive color. This is a great choice for offices, spas or hospitals.


redRed – Opposite to blue, red raises the heart rate and blood pressure. Red is known to stimulate emotions and energy while promoting appetite. This can be another good choice for restaurants as well as fitness centers.


orangeOrange – Another color that focuses on being an appetite stimulate, orange provides a warm, fun feeling to customers. Orange is also an eye stimulate, making it the perfect color to adopt for a space where you are trying to grab a passerby’s attention.


greenGreen – Green is the color of nature and earth. It is another color that provides serenity, tranquility and health. Green is a great choice for healthcare facilities where you are trying to provide a sense of peacefulness while also promoting health and longevity.  


purplePurple – Purple provides a rich, luxurious feeling. This is a great choice for a hotel where you are trying to provide a high-end experience. Purple should never be used in restaurants however, as it is an appetite suppressor!

Why Colors are Important in the Hospitality Industry

Colors are a marketing strategy, which every hospitality business owner knows is pivotal to the success of their business.

According to Entrepreneur, branding is “one of the most important issues relating to color perception,” and play a fairly substantial role in purchases and branding.

If you had to choose between increasing your purchasing power, or not, why wouldn’t you?

Start Enhancing Your Marketing Strategy In The Hospitality Industry With The Right Color of Uniforms

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