Aligning your Employees Uniform with your Brand

Many factors play a role in choosing a uniform for your employees. Various factors include the cost, make of the material and the type of pants and shirt you want your employees to be wearing. There is another factor though that most people forget about when choosing their employees uniform and that is color. 

Importance of Color in a Uniform

Color is one of the most important tools in your business and the color of the employee’s uniform plays a very important role in brand identity therefore colors should be chosen very carefully. The color of your selected uniform shouldn’t just coordinate with your brand, but they should evoke an emotional response. Emotional responses lack rational basis, thereby influencing your
customers to make a purchase or complete a sale.automotive-linen-mechanics-uniforms-shop-towels-uniform-nations

Colors stimulate our nervous system which in turn induce an emotional state. This is done when we view a certain color. After seeing the color, our brain then releases various hormones throughout the body to elicit a response. For example, when a person views a mechanic who is wearing a black uniform, their body is responding with hormones that trigger a sense of knowledgeable expertise about this worker. 

Choosing Colors that are Appropriate for the Work Environment

It is important for the uniforms to match your companies brand and identity, but sometimes an exact match is not feasible. For example, your construction company and brand uses the colors white and red to signify a high-quality, safe, company even though they are a company that experiences danger and intensity with their projects. However, you would not send your construction worker out in the dirty work field wearing a white uniform, or even a red one. By the end of the day the uniform would be covered in dirt and grime.

You want to continuously uphold a sense of cleanliness, authority and professionalism and a very dirty uniform does the opposite of that. It is a fine balance to choose a uniform that is correct for the work environment yet, empowers your brand. Consider instead using subtle forms of the brand colors in your employee uniforms in the form of logos, stripes, and even lanyards if you can not use the full brand colors.

If your colors are not projecting the type of brand image and personality that you want, then it is time to reevaluate the uniform for a color make over.

Reinforce your Brand Image and Identity with the Right Color Uniform!

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