Industry Tips on Cleaning Your Scrubs

You’ve finished a long shift in the healthcare industry only to come home to one final, daunting task – cleaning your scrubs.

While many may thinking cleaning your scrubs is an easy task to accomplish, the reality is several bacteria, germs and even viruses can latch onto your clothing while working in the healthcare field.

Cleaning your scrubs is an essential part of keeping our home germ-free when working in healthcare. Although you might be using harsh disinfecting methods while cleaning your scrubs, this doesn’t mean you can’t keep them in good shape.

Tips on Cleaning Your Scrubs

  • Pre-Treat Your ScrubsMarian University for Accelerated Nursing Programs recommends cleaning your scrubs separately in cold water with half a cup of vinegar to set the color before ever wearing your scrubs. This will help preserve the appearance of your scrubs and extend the life of them – especially since disinfecting can be a harsh process on fabrics.
  • Keep Your Scrubs for Work – While it might be tempting to wear your scrubs to the grocery store after work, Travel Nursing Blogs recommends keeping your scrubs at work to prevent wearing them to other places where they can pick up stains or germs. Store them in a clean plastic bag to make sure they remain sterile.
  • Don’t Use Liquid Fabric Softener – Dryer sheets will work just fine, and often times liquid fabric softeners can break down the fabric of your scrubs at a faster rate. Scrubs and Lab Coats Blog shares how fabric softeners break down the fibers in your scrubs meant to be stain resistant.
  • Isolate Your Scrubs From Other Clothes – When washing your own scrubs, it’s important to keep them separate from all other clothing to prevent transferring germs from your work into your home. Healthcare Help recommends waiting until you get to work to put on any scrubs, instead of putting them on at home, to prevent bringing unwanted germs into your house.
  • Disinfect Using Hot Water – After washing away the stains in cold water, wash your scrubs a second time using a prescribed disinfecting agent or color-safe bleach. Minority Nurse states this process should help kill most if not all bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that may have attached to your scrubs.

Why Cleaning Your Scrubs Properly is Importantcleaning your scrubs

Often times healthcare professionals spend more time in their scrubs than not. When that’s the case, it’s important to keep all the germs you’re exposed to as far away from your home as possible.

Cleaning your scrubs properly not only keeps them looking better for a longer amount of time, but keeps your family and home life safe from bacterial and potential viruses.

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