How Commercial Laundry Services Handle Healthcare Linens

In the healthcare industry, it’s imperative that laundry be thoroughly cleaned. Having clean linens in your medical facility is necessary for patient comfort, staff safety, and the prevention of the spread of germs and diseases.

Laundry services that specialize in medical linens use tested techniques at a large scale to efficiently and properly clean all types of medical linens.

How are Healthcare Linens Laundered?

Some healthcare facilities opt for in house cleaning of their linens. This option gives them more control over laundry processes, chemicals used, the types of linens they can use, and the availability and consistency of linen presentation.

While doing laundry in house gives more control over cleaning processes, outsourcing healthcare linens to a laundry service provider is also safe and cost-effective. Large scale laundry operations know how to handle soiled materials and use advanced stain removal techniques. Service providers will even press and fold linens for you.

This video by the Textile Rental Services Association outlines the precautions taken by offsite laundry services to ensure the thorough cleansing of healthcare linens:

While the focus of this video is employee safety at laundry facilities, it’s clear that this industry puts a heavy emphasis on safety—be it for their employees, or the end product for their customers.

As a producer of soiled healthcare linens, be sure to properly bag and clearly label all soiled laundry to protect anyone who handles it. Tips from this video for handling potentially contaminated materials include:

  • Always wear gloves and protective garments
  • Touch the materials as minimally as possible
  • Make sure no sharps are left in soiled laundry
  • Don’t let any fluids touch your body
  • Thoroughly wash hands after handling soiled materials

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