Should I Rent or Lease Uniforms?

This article clarifies the difference between a uniform rental program and uniform leasing and why one may be better for you than the other.

Uniform Rental

A fully-managed rental program delivers clean, professional uniforms and workplace supplies to your business as often as you need. The dirty garments are then sent to a laundry facility where they are inspected and repaired. If an item is damaged beyond repair it is thrown away and replaced. This ensures that you always have freshly laundered and mended uniforms for your employees.

To start the uniform rental process, you are given a wide selection of products to choose from based on your needs. Once you have selected the perfect uniform for your business, your staff is reviewed and sized.

A sales representative then schedules weekly delivery of your professionally-laundered apparel and workplace supplies. This is based on how many times you will need uniforms to be laundered and delivered.

A uniform program could be very beneficial for you as your staff grows or in the case that an employee needs an adjustment in size because you are provided with garment size changes, inventory updates, and new name tags.

Uniform Leasing

Leasing uniforms and supplies allows you to outfit your employees with no capital investment and minimal up-front costs. A sales representative takes care of the initial outfitting of your entire staff and handles all future replacements or repairs.

The main difference between renting and leasing uniforms is that with uniform leasing you or your staff are in charge of the laundering of the garments. Leasing allows you to reduce costs by eliminating the cost of a laundry service.

This means you must select your own laundry service, or depend on your employees to wash their uniforms.

Cost Comparison

According to statistics, a person who launders his or her own work uniform at home spends about $15 a week on average. That number jumps to $30 a week if the wearer uses a dry cleaning service.

Uniform Rental

A uniform rental service typically has minimal to no up-front costs, and only costs about $6 per week per employee. This can vary depending on the number of employees that you have and the type of uniform that you select.

Uniform Leasing

If you choose to do a leasing program you have a small upfront cost like renting and smaller fees throughout the year because you are not paying for the cost of laundering.

Uniform Leasing is the cheapest option for employers when it comes to uniforms, but it also puts your reputation at risk by depending on employees to manage their own uniforms.

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What About Purchasing Uniforms?

If you are looking for a uniform solution that does not require a contract or a constant payment plan, then you may benefit from purchasing your uniforms.

Purchasing uniforms requires a high upfront cost. This is one of the main reasons people choose a rental or leasing program.

When purchasing your uniforms you also have to manage repairs and replacements on your own. This can become a problem as years pass because certain styles or colors may be discontinued, leaving you in a pickle.

Benefits of Employees Wearing Uniforms

If you are still considering whether or not to invest in professional uniforms, there are some things you can consider. Here are four reasons businesses decide to switch to a uniform program:

Brand Awareness

  •          Uniforms can be customized to fit your brand or image. Make sure your customers do not forget who you are. Use your uniforms to help establish a feel for the brand.


  •          If you are working in a dangerous industry you need a proper work uniform to protect your workers. Uniforms can be designed to give your employees the necessary protection that will keep them safe on the job.

Consistent Appearance

  •          Help your customers out by clearly establishing who your employees are with a work uniform. This gives your company or practice a professional and clean image.

Dress Issues

  •          The last thing you want your HR admin to have to worry about is a dress code. With a work uniform you do not have to worry about inappropriate clothing or your staff misrepresenting your brand.

Invest in a uniform rental or leasing program for your employees to keep them looking their best every day. We provide you with free estimates from local uniform providers for any of your uniform or facility services needs.

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