What Attracts Hotel Bookings to My Website?

You may have noticed a flux in bookings either by phone or from your website. The best way to stabilize your hotel bookings is to optimize your website and marketing efforts to attract travelers to your website.

First you need to know what your potential customers are looking for in order to grab their attention. Here we go over some of the basics of what travelers are searching for, what they are looking for, and what gets them to book on your website.

hotel bookings infographic

What Are Travelers Searching For?

  • 58% of people search for specific company names
  • 26% of people search for destination names
  • 9% of people use general search terms
  • 7% of people search for attraction and interest points

Where Are People Looking?

  • Travelers visit 22 sites on average before booking
  • For every 1% gain by airbnb, hotels lose .05% in revenue per quarter.
  • 50% of business travelers and 33% of leisure travelers prefer to booth with online travel agencies

What Will Keep Bookings On Your Website?

Customer Reviews

  • 79% of consumers find travel reviews valuable when searching for a hotel.

Video Marketing

  • 66% of travelers watch videos online when planning a trip

Social Interaction

  • 52% of people change their travel plans after doing research through social media

Targeted Content

  • Hotels using personalized content has seen a 40% increase in revenue


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