Industries Where It’s Better to Buy Your Uniform

buy your uniformAre you opening a new business or practice and need to purchase new uniforms for your employees? Or maybe it is just time for brand and style update. We provide you with free quotes from professional uniform companies that are ready to service any of your needs.

We understand how important image is for your company. That is why we cater and service any need or request that you may make. Deciding to purchase new uniforms is not a small undertaking, and we take that seriously. To help you gain a better understanding for the uniform purchasing process we have laid out how the whole process work below.


How it Works

When purchasing uniforms in bulk it is recommended to contact a sales representative to get a customized work uniform that specifically fits your needs.

Working with a sales representative confirms that you will get all of the items you need, exactly how you want them.

Once you have selected all of the items you would like you place the order.

The order will then be shipped to your facility with all of the garments and items you specified.

On average custom embellished items ship within 7-9 business days after receiving the order. Items that are not customized are typically sent out within 1-3 business days after receiving the order.


Benefits of Buying Uniforms

There are many benefits to buying uniforms. Some of the main ones include long-term cost savings, better quality, customization, and no contracts. Below we explain how this can benefit you:

Long-Term Cost Savings

  • When you purchase uniforms upfront you are saving cost in the long run. Buying uniforms eliminates monthly invoices and continuous costs.

Better Quality, Customized Uniforms

  • When you purchase uniforms you can have them customized to your business or practice with your logo or other special features you may want.

No Contracts

  • By purchasing your uniforms you are sent the uniforms and once they are in your possession they are 100% yours. You do not have to deal with invoices or long term contracts. Meaning you are free to update or replace your uniforms at anytime.


Uniforms by Industry

There are many different reasons for needing uniforms, and your needs are typically based off what industry you work in. Here we go over some of the industries that benefit the most from uniforms and why.

Food Service

  • When working in the food service industry, there are many OSHA and health department regulations that need to be followed. We can set you up with quality uniforms that meet all the required health and safety regulations. Our number one goal is to keep your employees safe and compliant.

Hotel & Hospitality

  • Hotel and hospitality uniforms can be challenging to select because of the variety of departments and employee duties required by each department. We can help you find a cohesive design to dress your employees in to give your hotel or resort a clean and professional feel.


  • It is very important for the healthcare industry to have comfortable and safety compliant uniforms. We make sure to keep up with all standards and regulations so that you never have to question your medical uniforms.


  • Most customers remember businesses based off of how they stand out, and what better way to make your location stand out than to have fun uniforms representing your name and your logo?


  • Whether you operate a mechanic shop, or you work for auto sales, you want to always make sure that your employees wear uniforms. Uniforms allow you to give your employees an extra layer of security when working on cars, and a way to advertise your brand logo in auto sales.

Flame Resistant

  • When employees are working with fire or flammable materials it is required that they be dressed in flame resistant apparel. The best way to make sure your employees are 100% safe is to make sure they are wearing protective clothing at all times.


Buy uniforms for your employees to keep them looking their best every day. Find out if purchasing uniforms is the right solution for you.

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If you are still not convinced purchasing uniforms upfront is the right option for you, check out this article, Should I Lease, Rent, or Purchase My Company’s Uniform?