Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial Washing MachineIf you decide to use a uniform rental provider, you are automatically set up with a weekly industrial laundry service. The video below shows how an industrial washing machine differs from your ordinary washer at home.

Industrial vs. Residential

  • A home washer uses an average of 3 gallons of water per pound of clothing processed; our washer uses 1.7 gallons per pound.
  • An Industrial Washer uses 44% less water than a residential washing machine.
  • Your garments go through up to 17 different cycles in an industrial washing machine.
  • A home washer washes 8-12 pounds of clothing at one time.
  • Industrial washers wash up to 500 pounds at a time.


  • Uniform Rental increases safety because employees no longer risk bringing workplace contaminants home that could mix with other family members’ laundry.
  • A Uniform Rental Program ensures consistency of your public business image through the uninterrupted regular laundering, finishing, and maintenance of all of your employees work apparel.

How an Industrial Washing Machines Works



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