Residential Laundry vs Business Laundry

When thinking of doing laundry, many people might roll their eyes and think to themselves, “again?”

If there’s one thing that we all know about doing laundry, it’s that it is never going to end. While you may get to take a few days off, eventually you will have more to do.

If you think about the average household and how much laundry there is with a family of four, there may even be a few loads every week alone. Now just consider industries like hospitality—hotels can have hundreds of rooms that they have people staying in every night.

At the rate that guests will be coming and going, these hotels can have up to a couple hundred loads of laundry every single day. When a company that has that much to take care of, handling all of their laundry services on their own can become too large a task for a single business to take on.

Most companies that go through that many linens will use an outside laundry service in order to handle all of their linen cleaning. This is really the only way to guarantee that their linens will continue to be fresh and clean for their guests.

Hotels aren’t the only places that require laundry services. Think about places that use cloth linens such as hospitals, or even restaurants. There is no way that all of these companies could keep up with their customers if they had to worry about doing the laundry all day!